Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekly Money Update 2008 #20

Last week I made some sells on eBay and I'm waiting for a couple of people to pay. The big news is that I finally got my new blog, "My Make Money Online Adventure" up and the re-vamped SureCashNow site up.

On My Make Money Online Adventure you will be able to follow me step-by-step as I go through niche marketing as a way to make money online. You see how I pick a niche, monetize the site and go about driving traffic, getting back links and ranking on Google.

On my newly re-vamped SureCashNow site you're going to find articles, videos and links on different ways to make money online without spending any money except maybe on website hosting and domain registration.

The truth of the matter is I lost interest in this blog after Google knocked my page rank down from a PR 2 to PR 0 and I couldn't make money from it by doing paid reviews anymore. So I have been and will continue to use it for my weekly money updates and the occasional proof of payment posts.

With the new blog I won't be doing any paid reviews. I will be giving you a blow-by-blow account of what I'm doing to make money using niches. I hope you join me on my adventure and check out both sites, My Make Money Online Adventure and SureCashNow.

I will still be doing the weekly updates and will include the money I make from my niche marketing efforts.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.
Smorty: $75.60

PayPerPost: $565.26

Blogvertise: $214.00

DiggFreak: $5.00

Money4Banners: $40.00

SponsoredReviews: $52.00

Blogging Ads: $31.00

Your2Cents: $16.00

eBay: $245.82

FinerWorks: $28.90

Survey Spot: $25.00

Blogitive: $15.00

WordLinx: $20.16

Triond: $0.56

GlobalTestMarket: $57.25

Synovate: $5.00

Clix Sense: $8.13

RevenuePilot: $49.10

MyLot: $10.13

Last week's total=$1713.44
So far this year total=$1762.30 (up $48.86)
2007 total= $2019.82

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $1.28 (up $0.32)

FinerWorks: $7.94 (up $0.03)

Text Ads: $83.47 (up $2.94)

Tik Tik Cash: $34.59 (up $0.27)

SendEarnings: $15.90 (up $0.27)

WordLinx: $4.37 (up $0.33)

Clix Sense: $3.06 (up $0.30)

Associated Content: $1.12 (up $0.03)

Helium: $4.48 (up $0.05)

MyLot: $0.08 (no change)

EmailPaysU: $23.71 (up $0.21)

CashMoneyEmail: $20.90 (up $0.16)

Snap Dollars: $14.99 (up $0.33)

PayPerPost: $5.00 (new total after payment)

Your2Cents: $1.00 (no change)

Inbox Dollars: $32.05 (up $0.26)

AdBux: $7.04 (up $0.20)

Linkworth: $15.00 (no Change)

eBay: $51.17

Last Week's Total= $439.41
This Week's Total= $437.81 (New total after payments)

I have taken Take The Internet Back off the list. I think they have gone scam. I have only got a 2 cent increase from them in the last 2 and half months where I was getting at least a 15 cents increase every two weeks and now when I was close to there $20 payout amount they change the payout amount to $50. I am no longer dealing with them.

Be sure to check out My Make Money Online Adventure and SureCashNow am sure they will help you make money online.

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