Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekly Money Update 2008 #31

I was surprised about a week ago to PPP Direct request to do a paid post for an advertiser. PPP Direct is PayPerPost's opportunity where an advertiser can ask you directly to do a paid post for them. This is my 6th request, but this one was surprising because it was for this blog, which most of them were, but I don't even post to this blog except for this weekly update. Anyway I was paid for that post already.

This week I plan to start work on working an affiliate product out to the first sell, which means choosing a product, building a landing page (I will use Squidoo for that) and doing the promotion. I want to see how long it takes from start to finish to get my first sell for the product. Plus I want to see if what I have learned about affiliate marketing really works.

You can see my progress at my new blog My Make Money Online Adventure.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.
Smorty: $75.60

PayPerPost: $585.26

Blogvertise: $221.50

DiggFreak: $5.00

Money4Banners: $80.00

SponsoredReviews: $52.00

Blogging Ads: $31.00

Your2Cents: $16.00

eBay: $413.56

FinerWorks: $28.90

Survey Spot: $25.00

Blogitive: $20.00

WordLinx: $20.16

Triond: $1.12

GlobalTestMarket: $57.25

Synovate: $5.00

Clix Sense: $8.13

RevenuePilot: $49.10

MyLot: $10.13

Hits4Pay: $25.11

No-Minimum: $5.05

Inbox Dollars: $30.14

Associated Content: $11.80

Last week's total=$2065.20
So far this year total=$2075.20 (up $10.00)
2007 total= $2019.82

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $5.09 (up $0.12)

FinerWorks: $26.10 (up $0.16)

Contextual Ads: $31.82 (up $8.37)

Tik Tik Cash: $37.50 (up $0.21)

SendEarnings: $18.91 (up $0.37)

WordLinx: $7.68 (up $.12)

Clix Sense: $6.19 (up $0.20)

Associated Content: $1.60 (up $0.11)

Helium: $4.78 (up $0.03)

MyLot: $2.38 (up $0.24)

EmailPaysU: $26.21 (up $0.24)

CashMoneyEmail: $22.92 (up $0.21)

Snap Dollars: $16.67 (up $0.18)

Your2Cents: $2.00 (no change)

Inbox Dollars: $2.96 (up $0.34)

AdBux: $8.37 (no change)

Linkworth: $21.00 (no change)

Blogvertise: $7.50 (no change)

PayPerPost: $5.01 (new total after payment)

Last Week's Total= $$441.80
This Week's Total= $442.60 (up $0.80)

You may have noticed that I'm not getting the money gains that I was getting. That's because I have been concentrating more on the niche and affiliate marketing. However, because of that my Google Adsense money has gone up some and because I'm adding more sites that I can put Money4Banners banners on, that money has gone up some also.

It's going to take a little time for my niche and affiliate marketing to kick in,but I know it will pay off.

Be sure to check out my new blog My Make Money Online Adventure to ho I do on my affiliate marketing.

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Private Label Rights said...

I applied to Money4Banners last night with my site at but this morning I received a rejection email that didn't really give a specific reason (just said "site was unsuitable"). I have a fairly well-established site and no objectionable content that I can see would violate their terms.

I read in a forum earlier today, however, that this program is primarily accepting only domains. If that is the case, it could explain the real reason behind the rejection.