Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Money Update 2008 #38

If you're looking to get more traffic to your Squidoo Lenses and Hub Pages I have found a $5 e-book that can help you just that. The e-book is called 5 Minute Traffic Trick. This e-book reveals a trick you can do to get more targeted traffic to your Squidoo Lenses and Hub Pages. As I said the e-book is only $5 and you also get full resell rights, which means when you get someone to buy the e-book you get the whole $5 yourself.

I have tried this trick and I can say it worked for me. If you use your Squidoo Lenses and Hub Pages to sell affiliate products or your own product you the more targeted traffic you get the more money you can make. Check out 5 Minute Traffic Trick.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.
Smorty: $75.60

PayPerPost: $600.27

Blogvertise: $236.50

DiggFreak: $5.00

Money4Banners: $120.00

SponsoredReviews: $52.00

Blogging Ads: $31.00

Your2Cents: $16.00

eBay: $413.56

FinerWorks: $28.90

Survey Spot: $25.00

Blogitive: $20.00

WordLinx: $20.16

Triond: $1.12

GlobalTestMarket: $57.25

Synovate: $5.00

Clix Sense: $8.13

RevenuePilot: $49.10

MyLot: $10.13

Hits4Pay: $25.11

No-Minimum: $6.10

Inbox Dollars: $30.14

Associated Content: $29.52

The Ultimate SuperTip: $20.00

Freebies4Webmasters: $16.39

Linkworth: $26.00

5 Minute Traffic Trick: $5.00

Last week's total=$2208.93
So far this year total=$2226.43 (up $17.50)
2007 total= $2019.82

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $6.65 (up $0.32)

FinerWorks: $40.56 (up $13.35)

Contextual Ads: $87.46 (up $5.06)

Tik Tik Cash: $38.97 (up $0.09)

SendEarnings: $21.11 (up $0.28)

WordLinx: $9.07 (up $.17)

Clix Sense: $8.22 (up $0.38)

Associated Content: $0.56 (up $0.08)

Helium: $5.05 (up $0.05)

MyLot: $3.83 (up $0.17)

EmailPaysU: $27.67 (up $0.45)

CashMoneyEmail: $24.07 (up $0.14)

Snap Dollars: $17.67 (up $0.06)

Your2Cents: $2.00 (no change)

Inbox Dollars: $5.08 (up $0.36)

AdBux: $8.60 (up $0.04)

ClickBank: $11.72 (no change)

Last Week's Total= $469.70
This Week's Total= $483.16 (up $13.46)

Within a week of getting 5 Minute Traffic Trick I have already made my money back, but more then that I know that the trick talked about in the e-book actually works and I will be applying it to every Squidoo Lens and Hub Page I make.

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AC_Laura said...

Hi Mike, I'm Laura. I maintain the AC Blog. I'm linking to this article today from our Blogspot.

Michael Bridges said...

Thanks so much for the link Laura.