Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Money Update 2009 #16

Last week I got my second payment from WFHHQ you can see my proof of payment below.

I have been working both WFHHQ and Work From Home Cookbook

However I am getting a bit discouraged with Work From Home Cookbook. They don't seem to be paying me for posting or referrals. I have backed off of them for awhile to try to find out what's going on.

You can learn more about both programs at my My Make Money Online Adventure blog.

I also have a new edition to my pending list, Textbroker. They pay you for writing article assignments and the pay is based on what rating you have. I will write more about this on my My Make Money Online Adventure blog.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.

PayPerPost: $7.50

Money4Banners: $94.67

5 Minute Traffic Trick: $5.00

Associated Content: $29.03

Freebies4Webmasters: $7.24

Art Commissions: $409.75

Triond: $1.24

Blogvertise: $7.50

Clix Sense: $7.12

Zazzle: $4.55

WFHHQ: $30.82

Work From Home Cookbook: $28.51

Last week's total=$652.42
So far this year total=$673.58 (up $21.16)
2008 total= $3112.61 (up $1092.79 from 2007)

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $13.46 (up $0.20)

FinerWorks: $10.12 (up $0.01)

Contextual Ads: $109.56 (up $1.90)

Tik Tik Cash: $41.04 (no change)

SendEarnings: $30.42 (up $0.22)

WordLinx: $4.57(up $0.26)

Clix Sense: $2.25 (up $0.36)

Associated Content: $0.86 (up $0.34)

Helium: $5.86 (no change)

MyLot: $7.05 (no change)

EmailPaysU: $34.18 (up $0.45)

CashMoneyEmail: $29.55 (up $0.20)

Snap Dollars: $20.38 (up $0.07)

Inbox Dollars: $14.56 (up $0.60)

AdBux: $9.27 (no change)

ClickBank: $40.92 (no change)

Zazzle: $2.56 (no change)

Apsense: $9.81 (up $0.35)

Take The Internet Back: $24.36 (up $0.06)

WFHHQ: $1.01 (new total after payment)

Work From Home Cookbook: $11.80 (up $3.25)

Squidoo: $5.66 (no change)

Textbroker: $7.80

PayPerPost: $2.00

Last Week's Total= $603.65
This Week's Total= $599.06 (new total after payment)

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