Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Money Update 2009 #46

One thing I like about making money online is getting surprise money, just money you don't expect from out of no where. It happened a couple of weeks ago when I got a surprise payment for usage of one of my paintings for a CD cover and it happened last week when a sketch card that I didn't expect to sell sold.

The thing to learn when if you're trying to make money online is to keep as much presence as you can. The more online properties you have, the more places you have where people can find you or your products, the more of a chance you have at making money.

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Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.

PayPerPost: $38.50

Money4Banners: $194.67

5 Minute Traffic Trick: $5.00

Associated Content: $65.28

Freebies4Webmasters: $7.24

Art Sales: $2191.50

Triond: $2.28

Blogvertise: $20.00

Clix Sense: $15.33

Zazzle: $4.55

WFHHQ: $117.73

Work From Home Cookbook: $49.10

Textbroker: $128.85

Squidoo: $5.64

Contextual Ads: $110

SendEarnings: $30

PayPal Cash Back: $8.02

MyLot: $13.02

RedGage: $25.00

Linkadage: $3.00

Global Opinion Panels: $10.00

Last week's total=$3022.48
So far this year total=$3022.48 (up $30.72)
2008 total= $3112.61 (up $1092.79 from 2007)

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $18.90(up $0.02)

FinerWorks: $11.00 (up $0.04)

Contextual Ads: $126.26 (up $7.47)

Tik Tik Cash: $42.15 (up $0.09)

SendEarnings: $7.90 (up $0.66)

WordLinx: $8.47(up $0.29)

Clix Sense: $0.06 (new total after payment)

Associated Content: $0.86 (new total after payment)

Helium: $6.28 (no change)

MyLot: $0.26 (down $0.01)

EmailPaysU: $43.30(up $0.33)

CashMoneyEmail: $37.05 (up $0.21)

Snap Dollars: $23.41 (up $0.03)

Inbox Dollars: $24.98 (up $0.34)

AdBux: $9.44 (no change)

ClickBank: $44.40 (no change)

Zazzle: $9.29 (no change)

Apsense: $13.91 (no change)

Take The Internet Back: $31.15 (up $0.18)

Work From Home Cookbook: $18.15 (no change)

RedGage: $0.89 (up $0.01)

Squidoo:$1.92 (no change)

Art Sales: $200.00 (no change)

Last Week's Total= $1049.44
This Week's Total= $1044.32 (new total after payment)

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