Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Money Update 2010 #9

Last week I spent time on Project Payday working on getting my first $50. Well, I didn't get it, but it wasn't because of Project Payday it was because one of the offers I signed up for not sending me my confirmation e-mail in a timely manner. However I did finally get the confirmation so I should get my first $50 this week, I will let you know.

Let me give you a brief explanation of how this works. When you join Project Payday you have an opportunity to make your first fast fifty dollars. What you do is join an IFW (Incentive Free Website) site under one of the trainers who will pay you $50 to join the IFW and get 100 credits. In order to get the credits you must do some trial offers. Some are free some may charge a small shipping fee. Also some credit instantly and some may take a day or two to credit.

Anyway once you do the offers and get you 100 credits the trainer pays your $50 in your PayPal. That's just one of the money making opportunities in Project Payday.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.

Money4Banners: $20.00
Last Year's Total= $194.67

PayPal Cash Back: $2.76
Last Year's Total= $8.02

Associated Content: $7.27
Last Year's Total= $65.28

Art Sales: $14.00
Last Year's Total= $2191.50

Last Year's Total= $5.64

Textbroker: $10.50
Last Year's Total= $128.85

Last Week's total= $57.55
So far this year total= $57.55(no change)
2009 total= $3166.11 (up $53.50 from 2008)

Here are the payments I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $19.54 (up $0.04)

FinerWorks: $11.42 (up $0.04)

Contextual Ads: $56.88 (up $4.62)

Tik Tik Cash: $42.60 (up $0.03)

SendEarnings: $11.38 (up $0.30)

WordLinx: $11.63 (up $0.67)

Clix Sense: $5.93 (up $0.46)

MyLot: $0.76 (up $0.04)

EmailPaysU: $46.82 (up $0.29)

CashMoneyEmail: $37.51 (up $0.06)

Snap Dollars: $24.10 (up $0.04)

Inbox Dollars: $29.06 (up $0.32)

AdBux: $9.47 (no change)

ClickBank: $43.40 (new amount after debit)

Zazzle: $9.29 (no change)

Apsense: $15.41 (up $0.05)

Take The Internet Back: $32.11 (no change)

RedGage: $11.86 (up $0.03)

Squidoo:$0.11 (no change)

Invite5: $0.31 (no change)

MoneyBumper: $2.00 (up $0.60)

SponsoredTweets: $2.00 (no change)

Kalutasan: $1.23 (up $0.02)

Triond: $0.52 (up $0.05)

PayPerPost: $18.00 (no change)

Blogvertise: $7.50 (no change)

Last Week's total= $449.86
This Week's Total= $456.52 (up $6.66)

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