Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Money Update 2010 #40

I joined a couple of new sites this weekend that can help with making money online. One is Best Reviewer, this site gives you 100% Google Adsense revenue share. It's also a great backlink resource. It’s like a “Tops List” site. Like the top 10 money makers or the top 5 kids toys, what ever. How it works is, you create a top whatever list and for each item you can add a link to your site or blog. So say you do a top 5 cat toys list, well for each toy you list you can add your link. This site is owned by the same person that owns She Told Me another revenue sharing site.

The second site is I think can be a decent money making site is WebeServe. At this site you choose small jobs to do like tweet an article, comment on a blog, or write an article. The best thing about this site is that you preset your price for the job categories on the site.

I have already used Best Reviewer for backlinks for one of my affiliate projects and I will be using this site a lot. I plan to give WebeServe a try as soon as I take a break from my affiliate projects.

If you are into niche blogging and create a lot of blogs you should really try SEO LinkVine where you can get quality content to those blogs automatically posted to them for free. I have been trying it with a new blog I created and it has been working out great. I don't have to do anything and I get posts daily.

My My Make Money Online Adventure is live again so go check it out.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.

Money4Banners: $95.00
Last Year's Total= $194.67

PayPal Cash Back: $14.26
Last Year's Total= $8.02

Associated Content: $43.94
Last Year's Total= $65.28

Triond: $4.79
Last Year's Total= $2.28

Online Art Sales: $2903.89
Last Year's Total= $2191.50

Last Year's Total= $5.64

Textbroker: $83.00
Last Year's Total= $128.85

Project Payday: $50.00

WordLinx: $11.50

Ecopywriters: $89.90

Blogvertise: $32.50
Last Year's Total= $20.00

Clix Sense: $9.44
Last Year's Total= $15.33

Contextual Ads: $101.41
Last Year's Total= $222.91

Global Opinion Panels: $15.00

Survey: $60.00

Last Week's total= $3567.96
So far this year total= $3822.03 (up $254.07)
2009 total= $3166.11 (up $53.50 from 2008)

Here are the payments I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $24.56 (up $0.12)

FinerWorks: $15.19 (up $2.95)

Contextual Ads: $64.48 (up $1.90)

Tik Tik Cash: $42.57 (no change)

SendEarnings: $22.07 (up $0.32)

MyLot: $1.72 (up $0.10)

EmailPaysU: $55.44 (up $0.31)

CashMoneyEmail: $38.13 (no change)

Snap Dollars: $26.60 (up $0.06)

Inbox Dollars: $11.91 (up $0.34)

AdBux: $9.47 (no change)

ClickBank: $54.25 (new total after debit)

Zazzle: $23.14 (no change)

Apsense: $24.66 (up $0.30)

Take The Internet Back: $33.89 (up $0.05)

RedGage: $17.38 (up $0.03)

Squidoo:$0.33 (no change)

SponsoredTweets: $8.22 (up $0.50)

Triond: $0.22 (new total after payment)

PayPerPost: $19.60 (no change)

Associated Content: $2.73 (up $0.38)

Amazon: $31.90 (no change)

Ecopywriters: $12.52

Bright Hub: $10.04

Blogvertise: $10.00

Last Week's total= $520.44
This Week's Total= $554.59 (up $34.15)

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