Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting A Free Credit Score Report

Now a days more than ever it is very important to know your credit score, after all your score can have a big affect on your life. It can determine whether you will be able to buy a house, a car, furniture or anything else on credit. So I would say that’s pretty important. Now, there are several places that will allow you to check your score for free, which is good except for most will only give you the report from one or two credit bureaus.

If you want a complete and more accurate account of your score you should have it from all three credit bureaus. Here are some good reasons for getting your credit score. One reason is to know what it is. Once you know what your score is you’ll know where you stand and what you can do. Another reason is to see if there are any mistakes. This happens all the time and if you can see it you can have it corrected. The most important reason is to see if anyone has been unlawfully using your credit. Identity theft is big and this is one way to find out if someone is using yours.

As you can see knowing your score can be helpful so take the time to get a free credit score report and get it from all three credit bureaus.

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