Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Chemical Investment Bank Rave

The Valence Group is a group of founders that specialize in the field of chemical mergers and acquisitions. They have over ten years of experience in major investment banks and chemical companies. The group team members are among the best at chemical advisory and have advised on over 200 closed transactions valuing over $80 billion.

Whether you’re a company or an investor in search of a chemical investment bank that offers M&A advisory services in the chemicals and materials sectors, the Valence Group is the company you need to check with. Their advisers have specialists on the ground on all three continents so they can give their clients the optimal advice they need.

They have offices in London, New York and Shanghai so they are able to find opportunities and make deals in major economies all over the world.  A good idea for you chemicals and materials companies and investors is to see how the Valence Group can help you.

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