Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Investing In American Gold Coins Rave

In an economic crisis where the dollar loses value, American gold coins are a very smart investment. As a matter of fact a lot of investors invest more in gold coins then in stocks or other conventional assets. The American Eagle Gold Coin was first introduced in 1986 and is sold by almost every coin and precious metal dealer in the United States.

Gold coins are sold according to their content and weight and not their face value and the purity and content of the American Gold Eagle Coins gives them a high price in the gold market. Due to its quality, the value of these coins is more stable than that of other currencies, stocks, or other volatile investments. You will also find that these gold coins are easier to trade than most other investments.

Besides being a great investment these coins also feature some fantastic artistry on both sides. On one side there’s Lady Liberty, full length, holding a touch in her right hand and olive branch in her left and you can see the Capitol building the background. On the other side there’s a male eagle with an olive branch in his beak, flying over a female eagle and her hatchlings in a nest. Both sides are beautifully depicted and are in themselves works of art.

Here are the weight of the American Gold Eagle Coins and their face values. There is the 1/10 oz coins with a face value of $5, the 1/4 oz coins with a face value of $10, the 1/2 oz coins with a face value $25 and the 1 oz. coins with a face value $50. The best thing about these coins is that investors can easily sell them anywhere around world should they need liquid cash.

These coins are a secure and safe investment. The U.S. government actually provides proof and guarantees of the weight, content and purity. That is why these coins are among the most sought after bullion coins in the market and why they are such a smart investment.

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