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The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs Rave

Discovering The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

Discovering the most profitable affiliate programs can be quite a journey, but I plan to make the journey much easier for you. You are going to discover which programs pay the highest percentage per sell, which ones have the biggest conversion rate and which ones are the most popular.

As we all know the economy is not so good right now. There are a lot of people either out of work or not making enough money to get by. Many are turning to the internet as a way of earning some sort of income and affiliate marketing is one of the ways they are turning to. As a matter of fact it's one of the most popular ways of making money online.

The main reason for that is because it's very easy to get started and there really is no overhead cost to it. It's actually one of those things where it doesn't take money to make money. Most affiliate programs are free to join and you can use free resources to promote the products.

Okay lets go ahead and get started.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Some Info For The Affiliate Beginner

A lot of you probably already know how affiliate marketing works so you can skip this section. But for all you newbies who are just getting into the field this is for you. It's not rocket science. It's really easy to understand.

Basically, you find a retailer or person who has something or a lot of things they are selling and also has an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program that you can join and make money from sales coming from your recommendations.

Once you join an affiliate program you are given a user ID. You can use that ID in links that lead back to the merchants site. If the person who clicked that link buys something from that merchant you are given a percentage of the cost of that merchandise. With some programs it can be anything the person buys after clicking your link, with some programs it's just the item that the link led to.

So to sum up, you make a recommendation after joining an affiliate program and getting a user ID, a person follows your recommendation, buys the product and you make money. The best thing is you didn't have to store the product, ship it or anything. The merchant takes care of all of that.

The 3 Parts Of The Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs

The Makings Of The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

Okay, so what makes for the most profitable affiliate programs? Well in my opinion it's three things. How large a percentage you get for each sell, how high the conversion rate is and how reliable the program is. Let me explain what I mean.

Percentage and conversion rate are pretty much self-explanatory. However, I will touch on them a little bit, but let me start with reliability first.

You might be thinking, what does reliability have to do with being profitable? Well, think about it. If a program is not reliable or turns out to be a scam there's not much of chance you're going to make a profit from it.

Joining a program that's been around for awhile and has a great reputation gives you a better chance at being profitable.

Now lets look at percentage rate. A program that pays a high percentage rate has a good chance of being very profitable, but there are two things you must also consider. One is the price of the products and the other is how well the conversion rate on the products are.

If the program only has low ticket items that don't sell well it may not be as profitable as you might think. Also if they have high ticket items, but the conversion rate is very low, your profit is going to suffer as well.

So lets look at conversion rate. The thing about conversion is if it is very high even low ticket products can be profitable. In a lot of cases low ticket items sell much more then high ticket items and therefore can be more profitable.

Okay, so lets get to what you came here for.

Here Are Some Of The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs That Work

Okay, so here they are. What I believe are the most profitable online affiliate programs out there. Now understand this is just my opinion, which is based on my experience, what I have researched about the programs and the three parts I talked about above.
I have been a member of LinkShare for a long time, but I never did anything with it. When I first joined I didn't know much about affiliate marketing and was just joining any program I could find.
A lot of those programs just fell by the wayside and this was one of them. However I'm a more experienced now and I am taking a second look at this one.
So what makes LinkShare one of the most profitable affiliate programs? Well because it allows you to become an affiliate of some of the largest companies around. Companies that people know and are comfortable with buying from.
I'm talking about companies like Walmart, Macy's, Pet Smart, Footlocker, Barnes & Noble and much more. Plus they have been around for long time and is a trusted company itself.
With all of that going for it you are sure to be profitable as an affiliate.

I am a member of ShareASale and I have made some money there. It hasn't been a whole lot, but that's because I haven't done much with it. However, this year I plan to change that.
Like LinkShare they have a lot companies that you can affiliate with. The names are not as big as LinkShare's, but they are companies that have been around for awhile and can be trusted.

I only just joined JVZoo, but I have read some very good things about it. It is relatively new on the scene, but it is growing fast and is getting rave reviews. One of the main things that people love about it is the instant PayPal payments. The moment you make a sale you get a payment in your PayPal account. I like that a lot.
It's not like a lot of the other programs where you have to wait weeks or months. It's instant cash.
JVZoo is almost like a cross between ClickBank and the Warrior forum's WSOs. Folks can create digital products and put them up for sale and you can become an affiliate for those products. a lot of the venders have dime sales like you see on the Warrior forum where the price of the item starts low and then goes up after so many sales until it settles on it's final selling price.
There are a good amount of categories and hundreds of products to choose from. You can also be seller and have affiliates selling your products.

Zazzle is another place where I have been a member for a long time. I have products there that I have made some money from. However, you don't have to have your own products there in-order to make money. You can make money as an affiliate and many people do very well.
There are many products there that people like to buy. Like posters, art prints, greeting cards, key chains, clothing and more. All of these items have a special artistic touch and can't be found anywhere else.
This uniqueness makes for a bunch of sales.

I have been a member of CafePress for a long time and created some products there. However when I discovered Zazzle I stopped doing anything there. I just found Zazzle easier to work with.
I never did anything with their affiliate program although I do think it can be profitable. Just like Zazzle they have lots of great products that are unique and created by very creative people. You should really look into their affiliate program.

For the last three years I have been getting regular monthly payments from Amazon. Amazon doesn't pay a high commission rate, but it's the volume of sales you can get there that makes them one of the most profitable affiliate programs.
Amazon is great at selling, so that's what you let them do. You just have to get the click thru and they will do the rest.
Another thing is that in general if a person clicks thru to Amazon they are generally in a buying mood anyway so even if they don't buy the item they clicked on they might just buy something else there and you will still get paid for the buy as long as it's within 24 hours of the click.
Amazon has been my most profitable affiliate program so far and I know it can work for you as well.

Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

Niches That Make A Lot Of Money

It is well known in the Internet Marketing community the most profitable affiliate niches are the health, relationship and making money online niches. Lots and lots of money are being made from these niches. However, these niches are extremely saturated making it hard for any new person trying to jump aboard to get anywhere with them.

Not saying it can't be done, but it's going to take a ton of hard work and a whole lot of time.

The good news is that those niches have sub-niches that can be easily penetrated and made profitable for someone just jumping in. The secret is finding the right keywords.

Keyword research is the most important part of any affiliate marketing project. For any affiliate program to be profitable it's going to come down to using the right keywords. Any seasoned affiliate marketer will tell you it can sometimes take hours or days of doing keyword research before finding just the right keyword or keyword phrase to build a site or a Zujava leaf around.
But, there is an easier way to do it!

Wouldn't you like to easily get profitable keywords that nobody else is even looking at?

If so CLICK HERE to see how it can be done.

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