Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Money Update 2015 #11

I started writing article for pay again last week. It's something had done a few years back, but stopped when I started concentrating on affiliate marketing. I had even forgot about doing it until I listened to a webinar last week. I have already been paid $21 and so far have $13 waiting for me, which I will get this week.

The thing is the last couple years have not been that good for me as far as making money online. But if I had thought about it I could have been making money all along writing articles. The site I have been using is called TextBroker, but I will also be look into other sites to write for.

Another note, I have had the wrong total posted for how much I made so far this year. It will be corrected so it will be like I'm starting at the beginning of the year.

Here are two new sites that I'm making money from Paid Viewpoint and ClickworkerBoth are very easy and the money is adding up pretty fast. Check them out I'm sure you will like them.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.

PayPal Cash Back: $1.02
Last Year's Total= $16.07


Inbox Dollars: $27.55

eBay: $6.00

Amazon: $12.98

Clickworker: $5.98

TextBroker: $21.62

Last Weeks Total= $0
So far this year total= $125.15

2014 total= $2120.99 (up $298.22 from 2013)

Here are the payments I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $10.15 (up $0.18)

Contextual Ads: $98.65 (up $0.02)

Inbox Dollars: $5.84 (up $0.20)

Apsense: $11.66 (no change)

Amazon: $4.92 (no change)

Paid Viewpoint: $7.03 (up $0.30)

Clickworker: $0.20 (no change)

Fiverr: $12.00

TextBroker: $13.34

Art: $15.00

Last Week's Total= $72.20
This Week's Total= $113.04 (up $41.04)

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