Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly Money Update 2008 #17

I made some sells on eBay last week. I stared doing sketch cards and I sold all the ones I did, but one. I am making headway on some of my other projects and should have news about them in a week or two.

Here are the programs that have paid me so far this year.
Smorty: $75.60

PayPerPost: $531.26

Blogvertise: $214.00

DiggFreak: $5.00

Money4Banners: $40.00

SponsoredReviews: $52.00

Blogging Ads: $31.00

Your2Cents: $16.00

eBay: $229.96

FinerWorks: $28.90

Survey Spot: $15.00

Blogitive: $15.00

WordLinx: $20.16

Triond: $0.56

GlobalTestMarket: $57.25

Synovate: $5.00

Clix Sense: $8.13

RevenuePilot: $49.10

MyLot: $10.13

Last week's total=$1664.44
So far this year total=$1702.44 (up $38.00)
2007 total= $2019.82

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $25.79 (up $0.83)

FinerWorks: $7.90 (up $0.03)

Text Ads: $70.66 (up $2.01)

Tik Tik Cash: $33.63 (up $0.33)

Take The Internet Back: $19.77 (no change)

SendEarnings: $15.18 (up $0.18)

WordLinx: $3.12 (up $0.23)

Clix Sense: $2.08 (up $0.40)

Associated Content: $1.04 (up $0.03)

Helium: $4.35 (up $0.06)

MyLot: $0.07 (up $0.03)

EmailPaysU: $22.93 (up $0.21)

CashMoneyEmail: $20.45 (up $0.36)

Snap Dollars: $14.36 (up $0.12)

PayPerPost: $34.00 (New amount after payment)

Your2Cents: $1.00 (no change)

Inbox Dollars: $31.43 (up $0.20)

AdBux: $6.35 (up $0.17)

Survey Spot: $10.00 (No change)

Linkworth: $15.00 (no Change)

Last Week's Total= $405.47
This Week's Total= $455.22 (up $49.75)

I will be working on more sketch cards and I will hopefully have my new SureCashNow site done this week. I will then start working on some niche sites..

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