Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ebay Rave

In January I did a rant on how hard it is for the average seller to sell anything on Ebay. What with fees getting higher and higher and so many people using the high priced "Feature Plus" feature pushing all who don't use it to the back pages. I still believe the things I said in that post, but my rave today is because a couple of weeks ago I made over $800 the week before that I made about $300. Understand this doesn't happen often but every now and then I'll have a good week or two, although the $800 week is the best I ever had. I sell my original art on Ebay. I do surreal art and comic book superhero paintings. There's not that much competition with these kind of art forms so if someone does a search for either of these there is usually only 3 to 6 pages so my art is bound to be seen. Like i said in my "Ebay Rant", even with all the trouble the average seller would have being found on Ebay, you still have a better chance of selling something there without having to advertise then the other auction sites. You can see my artwork at Mike's Gallery and at Superhero Portraits.


Eric Carlson said...

More people would go to your auctions if you advertised them on your blog. I tried to look for one, but did not locate it. There should be an obvious button somewhere.

Eric, Ebay Selling Guide

Michael Bridges said...

Hey thanks Eric for the suggestion. I will do that. I was at your blog and you have some good Ebay advice. If it's okay I would like to trade links with you. Let me know what you think.

Eric Carlson said...

let's trade, I linked you.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Toya I like your paintings I bookmarked Mikes Gallery Some great art and i like some of the superhero ones aswell