Friday, January 19, 2007

AGLOCO Rant and Rave

This post is my first rant and rave. I want to rave about AGLOCO, because I think their idea is great. You make money just by doing what you are doing right now, surfing the internet. When you use AGLOCO viewbar and surf the internet you accumulate hours. Those hours are convertible into shares of AGLOCO stock, so you get a share of the proceeds that AGLOCO make. AGLOCO have several ways of making money and since members are the owners of the company it is shared amongst them. My rant is that the company has been around for a few months now and I have seen ads all over the internet, but they have not realeased the viewbar yet. I've heard it's still in the development stage and that they are waiting to have a certain amount of members before they put it out. Whether it is one or the other or both I don't know, I think with all the hoopla, the veiwbar should already be out so that the members they have can start making money.Click Here to check out AGLOCO for yourself and see what you think.

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