Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FinerWorks Rave

If you are an artist like I am, you're always looking for different ways to sell your art. One way is by selling prints of your artwork. Getting high quality prints of your work can sometimes be a hassle and very expensive. Well, there's a place online where you can get high quality prints of your art with no hassle and at a surprisingly low cost. The place is Finerworks. You upload your high quality images (300 dpi) at the size you want and when you are ready for to have a print made, FinerWorks makes it. You can have prints made as you sale them. FinerWorks will even dropship your prints to your customer. They have several types of prints from photo prints to canvas giclees on stretched canvas. I have sold a few photo prints using them and have had no complaints. In fact I've had some praises.
Check out FinerWorks Here.

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matt608 said...

thanks for your interest in exchanging links. Im afraid your blog isn't developed enough just yet for me to exchange links with it. Just comment again in a week or so once you have posted more and exchanged more links with other sites and I will gladly exchange links then.

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