Saturday, February 3, 2007

MegaSpinner Rave

MegaSinner is a traffic exchange site with a unique twist. Here's how it works. There are four banners on the MegaSpinner site. You click those four banners and visit each site. Once you've done that you can signup and get your own MegaSpinner site with your banner at the top and moving the bottom one off. Now when ever someone signs up to your MegaSpinner site, they visit the four including yours, they get their own site, put their banner on top and yours move down one. Eventually, as that goes on your banner will disappear from that chain but, you will always have your site with your banner at the top to signup more people and all those people signup people and your banner will always be in those positions. That gives you a potential for unlimited traffic forever, which could also mean more money from your Google Adsense ads, affiliate programs or your other money making opportunities.
Check out MegaSinner Here.

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