Friday, April 6, 2007

E-mailPaysU and CashMoneyE-mail Rave

I joined E-mailPaysU and CashMoneyE-mail a few days ago and it maybe a bit early to be giving them a rave, but two things I’m liking about these programs. One is they seem to send a good amount of two cent e-mails and have other ways you can earn money and points with them. Such as games and paid to sign-up for offers. The second thing I like is, they both give you $10 just for signing up that gets you off to a real good start with them. Both these programs seem to be from the same company. While signing up with E-mailPaysU I was given the chance to sign-up with CashMoneyE-mail at the same time and when I clicked the yes button I didn’t have to anything else, all my information was transferred over to CashMoneyE-mail, even my user name and password. Everything seems good with these two programs so far, but let’s see what happens come payout time.

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