Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Money Making Online with a 13 Year Old Rave

This blog is very impressive especially taking in consideration it’s being kept by a 13 year old kid. Carl Ocab seems to be very insightful and knowledgeable on how to run a blog and get traffic to it. I’m over three times Carl’s age and I’m finding he has allot he can teach me.
He’s even running a review exchange that will not only get him more traffic, but more links as well. How smart is that. I like this kid’s blog and I plan to keep an eye on it. This is the link Carl wants to be use to link to his site “Make Money Online”. Check it out this blog “Make Money Online with a 13 Year Old”. I think you’ll like it.

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Shirlene said...

Hi Mike - Thanks for dropping by. I guess I just "came back" at the last comment, because most people writing paid posts are only earning $5 max....

I would like to exchange links - I have added you to my blogroll (well at least I will have when my template finally updates - takes about 1/2 hour these days)...



bhjayalaxmi said...

you are now linked with


Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Mike
Thanks for visiting my blog and even more for taking the time to comment. :) Yes, Carl's site (like yours) is a useful resource.

I'm pleased you're going to install the Do Follow plugin. Don't forget to incude the nifty free logo for it linked in my post on the 13 year old blogger, to let everyone know you do reward commenters.

I'll be back to explore some more.

All the best