Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekly Money Update #5

Well, this is my 5th “Weekly Money Update”. I wrote some articles this week for Helium and Associated Content. I’m waiting to see if any of the articles get accepted at Associated Content. The Helium articles are working as we speak. I also did a little posting on myLot, but I need to do more. I haven’t gotten anymore e-mails from Wow Earnings, so I removed them from my list of pending payments.

Again, here is what I have made from the programs so far that I have been paid from. I have add Media Dollarz to this section because I have been paid by them.

Cash4offers: $77.60 from two payments

MaviShare: $56.00 from one payment

Send Earnings: $38.94 from one payment

Associated Content: $33 from seven payments

StormClix: $27.63 from three payments

Your2Cents: $21.00 from three payments

MyLot: $10.97 from one payment

Media Dollarz: $3.90 from one payment

Total= $269.04

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $23.82 (up $.06)

FinerWorks: $25.57 (up $1.55)

Google Adsense: $25.02 (up $3.14)

Tik Tik Cash: $16.27 (up $.49)

Take The Internet Back: $12.75 (up $.19)

RevenuePilot: $12.73 (up $0.13)

SendEarnings: $15.42 (up $.30)

Helium: $16.79 (up $2.04)

WordLinx: $7.76 (up $.37)

StormClix: $8.01 (up $.78)

Cash4Offers: $4.90 (up $.30)

Clix Sense: $4.75 (up $1.11)

UseLeads: $1.74 (no change I haven't been doing this)

Associated Content: $0.69 (up $.14)

MyLot: $0.61 (up $.14)

Media Dollarz: $0.75 (no change)

EmailPaysU: $10.51 (up $.35)

CashMoneyEmail: $10.46 (up $.20)

Last Weeks Total= $193.14

This Weeks Total= $198.55 (up $5.41)

That's it for this week. Didn't go up much this week, but I did elimimate Wow Earnings money also. I found this website that has interviews with people that are making good money using Google Adsense. It gives some really good advice. Watch for that post this week.


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