Monday, April 23, 2007

Programs I’ve Been Paid From Rave

I just wanted to take some time to go over the some of the programs I am in that have paid me. I will also give you links to my proof of payment. I have done posts on these programs individually, but I just want to list them all in one post.

Media Dollarz pays you to sign-up for offers, but they have lots of survey sites you can sign-up to for free. They also have no minimum payout limit so you can withdraw whatever you have in your account whenever you want to. They also give you $2.50 for verifying your phone number. Here is a screen shot of my payment.

Mylot pays you to post and reply to discussions. This is easy money especially if you like talking in forums. Why not get paid for it? You can see my proof of payment Here.

You can Send Earnings Gives $3 just for joining and they have several ways to earn money. They send you 2 cent e-mails, you just click the links to earn, you can sign-up for offers some of which are free and trial offers, they have $1 surveys of which you can take one each day and thay have games you can earn from. I am on my way to my second payment here. You can see my proof of payment Here.

StormClix is a part of StormPay. StormPay is an auction site and a payment processor (like PayPal). Once you join StormPay you also become a member of StormClix. The money you make from StormClix is withdrawn into your StormPay account and you can then withdraw it to your bank account. StormClix pay you just for clicking ads and watching them for 20 seconds. Most ads are worth 1 cent, but I have seen some as high as 3 cents.
I have been paid twice from StormClix and you can see my proof of payment Here.

Cash4Offers pays you 5 cents per e-mail they send you. This is unusually high for e-mail payments. You get $3 for joining and you also get paid to sign-up for offers. They do have free and trial offers. I have been paid twice from here and you can see my proof of payment Here.

Last, but not least we have Associated Content This site pays you to write short articles. You can write about anything you want and if the article is accepted they will pay you from $3 to $20. But that’s not all. Associated Content will continue to pay you on the article depending on the amount of visitors that read it. So you could be making money from an article for years to come.You can see my proof of payment Here.

These programs I highly recommend. They have proven that they pay and that they are not scams. If you haven’t already, check them out and make some money.

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