Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Media Dollarz Rave

This past Saturday, I joined a program called Media Dollarz. This is another one of those get paid to sign-up for offers site. The difference here is they also have where you can sign-up to survey sites, which are totally free and you don’t have to make sure you cancel it 7 or 30 days. These sites just send you surveys you can either take or not. Plus you can even get paid from the survey sites for taking the surveys. I joined three survey sites and made $3.90 right away. You are also supposed to get $2.50 for verifying your phone number. However I don’t seem to have gotten that. There is however an extra ninety cents I can’t account for. I’m wondering if because I signed up on a weekend somehow I didn’t get the whole $2.50, I check into that. Okay here’s the best part I withdrew the money to my PayPal account and it was there the same day. I think Media Dollarz is a very good site to join if you’re doing paid for offer programs. Hell, even if you’re not. Here is a screen shot of my payment.

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