Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Bloggerwave Rant To Mild Rave

Well, I was surprised today to check my email and find a PayPal payment from guess who, give up? Bloggerwave. After sending three emails, the latest being yesterday, with no response and a post here yesterday stating that if I didn’t here from them by the end of the week I would slap them with a scam label, I suddenly get payment for all of my reviews.

Now, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I am thankful for the payment. But still what exactly is their payment policy? Is it a coincidence that I get paid after I sent an email saying I don’t want to think they are a scam and post here that I will call them a scam if I have not heard from them by the end of the week? I don’t know. Maybe I would have gotten the payment today even if I hadn’t done those things.

Bloggerwave has been under scrutiny since they started with other bloggers actually calling them a scam. They had a mix up with PayPal, but seemed to have gotten it all straightened out. They claim on there website that they are working to make things better for their bloggers and I want to give them the benefit of a doubt, so I truly hope they get it together soon. It would be nice to have another place where bloggers can go and make money for doing reviews. Bloggerwave seems to have potential to be great pay per review site.

I will be watching Bloggerwave and see what they do and what others say about them and getting paid. You may have noticed that I don’t have a link to them in this post. I have to wait and see what they do from here before I can recommend them. But if you feel might want to give them a try because after all they did pay me, you can find a link to their site in my weekly money update.

Bloggerwave, if you’re watching, let us know what your payment policy is as far as how long it takes after a review is approved will we be paid for that review.

Below is my proof of payment from Bloggerwave.

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