Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekly Money Update #17

I'm a day late with the update this week so I apologize. Okay, last week I cashed out and received payment from a few places. I cashed out and received payment from StormClix, I received payment from Clix Sense Which I will post this week, I cashed out at Survey Spot and a couple of other survey sites that I don't post here, I got another payment from PayPerPost, I got my first review and payment from SponsoredReviews and I also got my Helium payment.

Here is what I have made from the programs so far that I have been paid from.

Cash4offers: $77.60 from two payments

MaviShare: $56.00 from one payment

Send Earnings: $38.94 from one payment

Associated Content: $39 from 9 payments

StormClix: $37.11 from four payments

Your2Cents: $54.00 from six payments

MyLot: $10.97 from one payment

Media Dollarz: $9.76 from three payments

FinerWorks: $26.58 from one payment

: $12.00 from two payment

Daytipper: $3.00 from one payment

PayPerPost: $69.00 from seven payment

WordLinx: $10.11

Blogvertise: $13.00 from two payment

Hits4Pay: $23.28 from one payment

SponsoredReviews: $6.50 from one payment

Clix Sense: $7.15 from one payment
Helium: $31.81 from one payment

This weeks total=$525.81 (up $67.44 from last week)

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $.93 (up $.10)

FinerWorks: $7.44 (up $.30)

Google Adsense: $44.54 (no change)

Tik Tik Cash: $21.96 (up $.40)

Take The Internet Back: $14.86 (up $.13)

RevenuePilot: $44.93 (up $1.99)

SendEarnings: $38.30 (up $2.24)

WordLinx: $.92 ($.13)

StormClix: $.09 (new total after withdrawal).

Cash4Offers: $6.55 (no change)I haven't been getting any e-mails from here lately.

Clix Sense: $.52 (up $.38)

Associated Content: $1.12 (no change)

MyLot: $3.52 (no change)

EmailPaysU: $13.36 (up $.27)

CashMoneyEmail: $12.78 (up $.59)

Snap Dollars: $8.37 (up $.90)

PayPerPost: $50.01 (down $28.50 after payments and a rejection)

Blogvertise: $7.50 (no change)

Your2Cents: $7.00 (up $1.00)

Inbox Dollars: $11.49 (up $.30)

Auction Ads: $10.00 (up $5.00)

Bloggerwave: $52.00 (no change)

Media Dollarz: $.09 (starting over)

AdBux: $.83 (up $.15)

Last Weeks Total= $399.12

This Weeks Total= $359.11(down $40.01 after payments and withdrawals)

I may be removing Bloggerwave if I don't hear anything about my payment soon.

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