Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Technorati Favorites Chain Rave

This is not a train or a meme (will I guess it kind of is meme), this is a chain. My hope is to be able to add links to the chain every week. Although I will add the links as I get them, I plan to post the official updates every Friday. I’m hoping that this chain will help me and everybody who adds a link in the chain get their Technorati Ranking up.

Start Copy Here

Here are the rules:
1. Favorite the blogs you see below.
2. Copy from where it says “Start Copy Here” and stop where it says “End Copy Here” (I know that’s obvious) and paste it in a post on your blog.
3. Add your blog’s name and your Technorati Favorite link next to it like you see below.
4. Once you have done numbers 1 thru 3, leave me comment telling me so and a link to your post. I will then fave your blog and add your link to my chain which will appear on the front page each week.
The Blogs

Mike’s Money Making Rants & Raves ** Fave This Blog

That Says It All ** Fave This Blog
End Copy Here

Two of the blogs on the chain are mine. They are, “Mike’s Money Making Rants & Raves” and “That Says It All”. You can fave one or both. If you fave both let me know and if you have another blog you would like faved, I will fave it also. Here’s wishing us all higher Technorati rankings.

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