Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gazhoo Rave

Okay, here is a unique way to make some money, sell documents. That’s right you can sell your essays, business forms, reports, market research and more. Gazhoo.com is a content marketplace, something like an Ebay for documents.

Not only can you sell documents on Gazhoo.com, but you can also buy them. Say you’re a student and you need a sociology report or an art essay. Instead of hours of research and racking your brain over it, you can buy it at Gazhoo.com. Say you’re student that needs extra money and you’ve done an art essay. You can sell it on Gazhoo.com.

Whether you want to buy or sell documents, I think Gazhoo.com is a good place to check out. As for us money making opportunity seekers this is another way for us to make money. Check it out.

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