Tuesday, July 3, 2007

SponsoredReviews Rave

Yesterday I did a review for SponsoredReviews on "JustSayHi" and to my surprise I was also paid yesterday from SponsoredReviews for that post. Most “Pay To Review” sites pay you 30 days after the review is posted and even though their rules state that they pay two weeks after a review is posted, SponsoredReviews paid me in less than 24 hours of my post.

I really like that early pay and I hope to do more reviews for them. The one downfall that I have is after bidding on about 13 ads this was the first that I have got. I’ve had two rejections and 7 pending approval and 3 that never responded at all. I’m working on getting my ranking higher so maybe I will get more reviews from them.

Anyway, it’s not much money, but I will enjoy this payment from SponsoredReviews.
Here is my my Proof of Payment.

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