Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Helium Payment Rave

I had wondered when I first joined if it was possible to make money at Helium. Well, now I know it is. Actually I realized it when my one article Has eBay Outgrown The Average Seller?, as a matter of fact that article is what made the biggest amount of money.

I received a PayPal payment from at Helium yesterday after cashing out Friday. Unlike Associated Content, where you are paid for your article upfront, Helium pays you for views and ads clicked at your article.

It can sometime to earn money at Helium, but if you write some good articles with good keywords, and you promote your article well, you can make some money there.

If you would like to try Helium, leave me your name and email address and I will send you an invitation. Meanwhile here’s my Proof of Payment.

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Anonymous said...

It really is simple to make money on Helium and I make around 500 dollars a month and am happy to help others make this kind of money. All it takes is concentration on your work, and a lot of input and it is possible. Look at the new rewardathon, as this offers great opportunity for everyone.

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