Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekly Money Update #18

Last week I got my first PPP Direct opportunity fromPayPerPost and I have also been paid for it along with a couple of other payments from PayPerPost. I also found out that I have six referrals including two “Review My Post” referrals.

“Review My Post” is where you can make $7.50 by reviewing any post on my blog by clicking the “Get Paid to Review My Post” button at the bottom of each of my posts. Once you click that button you signup to PayPerPost and do the review. Once the review is approved you get paid and I get paid.

Your blog must be a least 90 days old and you must have at least 20 posts on your blog to qualify.

Here is what I have made from the programs so far that I have been paid from.

Cash4offers: $77.60 from two payments

MaviShare: $56.00 from one payment

Send Earnings: $38.94 from one payment

Associated Content: $39 from 9 payments

StormClix: $37.11 from four payments

Your2Cents: $54.00 from six payments

MyLot: $10.97 from one payment

Media Dollarz: $9.76 from three payments

FinerWorks: $26.58 from one payment

: $12.00 from two payment

Daytipper: $3.00 from one payment

PayPerPost: $97.00 from ten payment

WordLinx: $10.11

Blogvertise: $13.00 from two payment

Hits4Pay: $23.28 from one payment

SponsoredReviews: $6.50 from one payment

Clix Sense: $7.15 from one payment

Helium: $31.81 from one payment

This weeks total=$553.81 (up $28 from last week)

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $1.28 (up $.35)

FinerWorks: $7.76 (up $.32)

Google Adsense: $45.70 (up $1.16)

Tik Tik Cash: $22.21 (up $.25)

Take The Internet Back: $15 (up $.14)

RevenuePilot: $46.16 (up $1.23)

SendEarnings: $38.51 (up $.21)

WordLinx: $1.18 ($.26)

StormClix: $.12 (up $.03).

Cash4Offers: $6.55 (no change)I haven't been getting any e-mails from here lately.

Clix Sense: $.72 (up $.20)

Associated Content: $1.19 (up $.07)

Helium: $.66 (new total after cash out

MyLot: $3.55 (up $.03)

EmailPaysU: $13.54 (up $.18)

CashMoneyEmail: $12.96 (up $.18)

Snap Dollars: $8.67 (up $.30)

PayPerPost: $99.26 (up $49.25 after payments)

Blogvertise: $7.50 (no change)

Your2Cents: $9.00 (up $2.00)

Inbox Dollars: $11.76 (up $.27)

Auction Ads: $10.00 (no change)

Bloggerwave: $52.00 (no change)

Media Dollarz: $.09 (starting over)

AdBux: $.97 (up $.14)

Last Weeks Total= $359.11

This Weeks Total= $416.34(up $57.23)

PayPerPost accounted pretty much for most of the raise in this weeks pending list. It is so far my best paying program. I have sent two emails to Bloggerwave asking about payment since my reviews for them are over a month old, but have not received a response yet. I will send another email and if I do not hear from them I will remove them from my list.

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black pixie said...

hi mike

i've just joined ppp - trying to get my head around it - plus i don't think my blogs are old enough - but hey ho!

Michael Bridges said...

Hey Pixie, Your blogs do have to be at least 90 days old with at least 20 posts. Anyway good luck with it.