Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bloggerwave Rant

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a rant. I really don’t like doing them because it means that something has gone wrong. Well, at this point I’m not really sure if something has gone wrong, but this is sort of a watch out notice.

I joined Bloggerwave over a month ago and have done six reviews for them. Most pay to review sites, pay you thirty days after you post an approved review. I assumed that’s what Bloggerwave would do. Going by that assumption I should have been paid for three reviews now. I’m not going to totally write them off yet. I’m going to allow for the holiday and give them ‘til the end of the week. I will then send them an email asking about payment.

I don’t join programs that I have to pay to join, but it really burns me to do work for a program and not get paid. Like I said I really don’t know if Bloggerwave is paying or not, but as far as I’m concerned they are a little on payment. I will post my results here.

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Baron Smith said...

Hi Mike.... I'm trying to improve the visitors to my blog. So can you tell me about your referral trade program. Is there a connection between your program and increasing the blog visitors....? Thanks for your time

Baron Smith

Michael Bridges said...

Hi Baron, my referal trade refers to opportunity referal. Say You have a program that you want people to signup with under you I would do that and you would signup under me with one of my programs. Nothing to do with increasing traffic.