Thursday, May 10, 2007

Desi Baba Rave

So you’re wondering, who or what is Desi Baba? Well, Desi Baba is a blogger with a very interesting blog site. His ramblings cover everything from an Indian child playing with a cobra to porn on Saudi cell phones. These are very interesting posts indeed, but my interest for this site is that Desi also writes some work at home and money saving articles as well.

This being a money making opportunities blog, my interest in posts like Don’t Pay to Work at Home to get Paid and Work at Home- Testing Bidvertiser vs. Adsense is something I think my readers would like. There are other articles on Desi’s blog that not only help you look at ways to make money, but also help you save money.

Speaking of saving money Desi wrote about a movement to try to stop the ever rising cost of gas and maybe even lower it. This movement is calling for a gas-buying boycott on May 15th. You can read about it in his article Don’t Buy Gas on the 15th of May 2007.

Even though, like I said before, my interest in Desi Baba for this blog is the posts about work at home and money saving, I must say that it is a well-rounded and very interesting blog. Take some time to check out is Desi Baba, I think you will enjoy it and maybe even learn something.

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