Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekly Money Update #8

Last week didn’t start off real great, none of my auctions on Ebay sold, but the week did get better. This blog was accepted by PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews, Smorty paid me for their review, I got two checks from Your2Cents, a check from FinerWorks, I was paid a down payment for a commission art piece and I got my income tax return (which has nothing to do with making money online, but I wanted to throw it in as part of how the week turned out). So it did turn out to be a pretty good week.

Again, here is what I have made from the programs so far that I have been paid from. Smorty and Finerworks are new additions to this list.

Cash4offers: $77.60 from two payments

MaviShare: $56.00 from one payment

Send Earnings: $38.94 from one payment

Associated Content: $33 from seven payments

StormClix: $27.63 from three payments

Your2Cents: $44.00 from five payments (up $13.00)

MyLot: $10.97 from one payment

Media Dollarz: $3.90 from one payment

FinerWorks: $26.58 from one payment

Smorty: $6.00 from one payment

Last weeks total= $269.04

This weeks new total=$314.62(up $45.58)

Here is what I have pending.

Hits4Pay: $24.21 (up $.07)

FinerWorks: $.27 (starting over after payment)

Google Adsense: $26.29 (down $1.04 I don't know how this happened)

Tik Tik Cash: $17.36 (up $.35)

Take The Internet Back: $13.44 (up $0.41)

RevenuePilot: $20.17 (up $2.88)

SendEarnings: $22.93 (up $4.24)

Helium: $17.50 (up $.78)

WordLinx: $8.31 (up $.11)

StormClix: $9.51 (up $.17)

Cash4Offers: $6.55 (no change)

Clix Sense: $6.32 (up $.56)

UseLeads: $1.74 (no change I haven't been doing this)

Associated Content: $0.86 (no change)

MyLot: $1.72 (up $.01)

Media Dollarz: $0.75 (no change)

EmailPaysU: $11.25 (up $.20)

CashMoneyEmail: $11.10 (up $.15)

Snap Dollars: $5.23 (This new)

This Weeks Total= $205.51 (New total after FinerWorks payment)

Some how my Google earnings went down. I don't know how that happened unless I put in the wrong figures last week. I'll see what happens next week. I have also added Snap Dollars to the pending list. This week I plan to start doing some reviews for PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, Smorty (now that I know they pay) and CREAMaid.

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Yvonne Russell said...

Great stuff Mike! But how on earth do you manage to keep track of this many companies & amounts? For me, that would be an achievement in itself. ;)

FlipOff said...

hi mike.. u have done great job in this week. Have u tried Adbux this is also interesting.

Court said...

It looks like you had a really good week, well done! Good luck for this next month!

Tom said...

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