Saturday, May 19, 2007 Seduce A Celeb Rave

Guys, have you ever seen a sexy chick on TV or in the movies and said to yourself “I’d like to go out with her just once”? Well, is going to give you that chance. They are running a contest that lets you to win a date with the beautiful and sexy celebrity, Mirelly Taylor. The contest is for “Seduce a Celeb” an online reality dating show. Now you’ve seen Mirelly in films like “Kiss Me Again” and “Serving Sara” and in television shows like “Las Vegas”, “Punk’d”, and “Numb3rs”.

“Seduce a Celeb” will be an online first, where the online audience will actually be a part of the program through their submitted videos. The contest will run over the next 14 weeks on Emmy Award Winning Producer, Scott Sternberg, and Andrew Firestone from “The Bachelor” will also be a part of the show. From the submission videos I’ve seen this is going to be a fun and hilarious show. Be sure to check out the Free videos at Meanwhile here is Mirelly Taylor herself.

Now, isn’t she sexy, wouldn’t you like to try to seduce her? Here’s one of those funny submission videos. I like this guy.

This is just one of the funny videos you can see. So join the “Seduce a Celeb” contest and be sure to check out the Free videos at

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