Thursday, May 17, 2007 Rave

WhoGets is a fun new site that runs continuous online sweepstakes. But there is a twist to how they run their sweepstakes. On WhoGets, you decide who gets the prizes. WhoGets is like an online sweepstakes game show. It’s free to join and you never get any spam e-mail from them.

Here’s how it works. The contest prizes range in value from $10 to $600 and is displayed in each contest. The contests are open only to members of WhoGets. Once you signup you can enter each contest through the website. There’s no offers to complete or anything to buy it’s completely free. You can enter each contest once and there will be hundreds of contests. The contests will take place in two phases: the semi-final round and the final round. The semi-final round will usually last 7 to 14 days. During that time, the prize to be awarded will be displayed and any member of WhoGets can enter the contest to win it. At the end of the semi-final round, seven entrants will be randomly selected as contestants for the final round. Each of these contestants will have an opportunity to write a statement, up to 100 words long, explaining why they want or need the product or whatever they they want to writing, they can even leave it blank. The final round will also last 7 to 14 days. During this time, members like you will vote for their favorite contestant. The contestant who receives the most votes wins.

This is a new, fun and really cool way to win some great prizes. Heck, I even joined myself to see what I can win. Go to WhoGets, join and you might win a prize or help me win one.

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Deborah said...

Hi Mike,

I stumbled across your site on another where you were you were listed as doing Technorati favs exchange, but couldn't find your post for it.

So I've added you to my favs :)

I would greatly appreciate if you would fav me as well.

The link to my fav is

On a side note, went to your art site. If you want, I could do a feature post on you for your art on my blog. Give me a shout if you're interested.

BTW, I tried to email you from there, but your link is broken. It doesn't give an email addie to send to.


Michael Bridges said...

Hi Deborah, takes for the fave add. I will do the same.