Friday, May 18, 2007

Surveys Rave

I’m not really a survey taking type of guy. They take up to much time and I have a lot of things to do. Also take into account that most of the survey sites want to give you entries into sweepstakes, or give you points to redeem for items as rewards for taking their surveys. That’s not good enough for me. I want cold hard cash for my time. So I mostly will only join a survey site if there is some incentive to join, like from “a paid to take offers” site. Even then I will rarely participate in them unless there are cash surveys.

Well, here are two survey sites I want to rave about. The first is Your2Cents, which I have raved about before and SurveySpot. I have been paid several times from Your2Cents and I have some pending money that I can withdraw now (I’m going to let it grow a little more).

SurveySpot was just a thing I did for a paid for offers site. I really didn’t think much of it and had no plans to do much with it. That is until they started sending money surveys. Even then I really didn’t think too much about it. Well a few days ago I got a $5 survey and it said if I took that survey a $25 follow-up survey would follow. Well, that caught my interest and I was able to take both surveys. So, that made me want to check my account. To my surprise I had $10 that I could actually withdraw now. It’s going to take sometime before the other money shows up in my account so I’m going to wait for that before I withdraw.

With both SurveySpot and Your2Cents you can withdraw your money when you reach $5 and they both pay only by check. Two things I don’t like about Your2Cents are, one they don’t have a referral program or at least I can’t find one. Two, it takes so long for them to mail your check. But they do pay you. You can see my proof Here. I don’t know yet how long SurveySpot takes to mail their checks.

Anyway, I think these are good survey sites to make money from, so give SurveySpot and Your2Cents a try.

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Angela at mommy bytes said...

Hi Mike,
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Michael Bridges said...

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