Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Payments Rave

Last week I received payments from three of the opportunities I am in. I recieved two checks from Your2Cents one for $8 and one for $5, a check from FinerWorks for $26.58 and a PayPal payment from Smorty for $6. Now, I know this isn't a lot of money, but what this does is prove that these programs actually pay. Together with other programs that pay and with some referrals you could make some good extra money that might help pay a bill or two. Heck, with the right combination of programs and referrals you might even be able to quit your job. I'm always looking for programs that actually and have a good referral program and if they are good I will post them here. If you know of any good paying programs could you leave a comment and let me know about them. I just might become one of your referrals. I'm not looking for anymore paid to read, paid to try offers or one cent clicking sites.

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