Monday, June 18, 2007

Burn Notice Rave

This doesn’t have anything to do with making money, but it does have to do with what you would do if you needed money. Okay, you’re stranded in a city you know nothing about with no money or resources. How would you eat, sleep or survive from the weather? The first thing I would do is get the easiest job there is to get and that’s at a fast food restaurant that would take care of my food and money at once. I would then befriend an employee there giving them a sob story and asking if could stay at their place for a few days until I found something. There is always a good hearted person in these places. Now I have a place to sleep and get out of the weather. I know it’s not a very exciting scenario, but it’s what I would do.

However, in the new USA Network's Burn Notice CIA Operative, Michael Weston deals with a similar situation in a very different and exciting way.

Michael Weston gets a Burn Notice while on assignment, which basically means he gets fired. His bank accounts are frozen and his credit is trashed. He needs money and there aren't many jobs that fit the skills of a CIA agent. So Michael decides to become a private investigator. He helps people while trying to find out the reason for his sudden termination.

Like most of USA’s original series, this looks like it will be exciting and humorous. It also co-stars one of my favorite humorous character actors, Bruce Campbell.

USA has proven to me that they really know how to make original series with shows like Monk, Psych, The 4400 and The Dead Zone so Thursday June 28 at 10:00 I will be watching USA Network's Burn Notice. How about you?

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