Thursday, June 28, 2007

MyLot Rave 2

I did a rave on MyLot way back in February. Then I had just joined MyLot and didn’t really know the potential for it. For those of you who are not familiar with MyLot, it is a discussion forum that pays you to start discussions, reply them and even to post pictures.

If you are a blogger, I think MyLot is a must to join, not because of the money, because to tell the truth it’s not a lot of money for the time you take. But because of the traffic and exposure it can give your blog. There is almost a hundred thousand people on MyLot that you can expose your blog to. There are a lot of interesting subjects that might give you some ideas for blog posts.

To sum it up, MyLot is a triple win for bloggers. You can get paid for discussing your blog (or whatever), while getting traffic to your blog and getting ideas for posts on your blog from other discussions. If you’re not a member, why not Join?

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