Friday, June 1, 2007

StopYourAddiction Rave

A couple of weeks ago I did a paid post about 1-800-NoDrugs Helpline. You can see that post HERE. This is another paid post for a program that is trying to help people addicted to drugs and alcohol, fight that addiction.

Drugs and alcoholism is a big problem in this country and people with these problems need help where ever they can get it. Well, can be the first step to recovery. is a new 28 day drug treatment program located in Michigan that helps addicts from across the country. Their first step drug treatment program is an alternative to 12-step programs that helps you achieve sobriety in 5 stages:
•Detoxification and Withdrawal
•Self Control and Communication Exercises
•Sauna Cleansing Process
•Study Improvement
•Drug Free Remedies for Discomforts

With their 28 day treatment and 5 stages to sobriety, seems like a great first step to fighting a drug or alcohol addiction, which makes it more than just a drug treatment program.

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