Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reno 911 Movie DVD Rave

Have you ever seen the Comedy Central comedy series Reno 911? If you have you know have racy, politically incorrect and funny it is. Well, the series has nothing on Reno 911! Miami The Movie. It is outrageously funny. They have now released the DVD and get this, it is unrated. Oh my goodness. Can you imagine what is on this thing? How far will they go now?

Here’s the basics. The Reno team goes to Miami for a convention. Because of some biological contamination the Reno team are the only law enforcement left to protect the city. Did I say protect? It’s more like destroy it. If you’ve seen the TV series you know exactly what I mean only take it up a notch. The Suge Night and the whale on the beach scene are my favorites. I laughed myself to tears.

The Reno 911! Miami The Movie DVD also has games on it. For writing a post about the DVD I was able to play any of 4 games. I chose to play the Midnight Shootout game. I chose this game because as I guy I love shooting stuff. The game puts you in different scenes and allows you to see where different people are before the screen goes completely black. You have to remember where the criminals are and shoot them without shooting cops or innocent bystanders.
I was doing pretty good until the end of the game when they give you a rocket launcher to shoot into the city were a gang is. Well, much like a team member of Reno 911, I pretty much destroyed the place, but I had fun.

Anyway, whether you missed it at the theaters or you saw it you just have to get the Reno 911! Miami The Movie DVD.

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