Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Referral Trade Rave

One of the best ways to make money from the money-making opportunities you are in, is to have referrals. I have some referrals for most of the opportunities I am in, but the two that really showed how valuable referrals can be are Media Dollarz and Hits4Pay.

As I mentioned in this weeks update, which you can see two post below, I was surprised to see that I had money in my Media Dollarz account since I had not worked it in awhile, but the money was from referrals that I didn’t even know I had. With Hits4Pay, my referrals helped me make my payout quicker. So as you can see referrals can be very helpful in making money with money making opportunities.

Now, what I want to purpose is a referral trade. I will list the opportunities I want referrals for. If you see an opportunity that you think you would like to join leave a comment with your contact info and letting me know the opportunity or opportunities you want to join. Then tell me the opportunities you what referrals for. If I see something I like and I’m not a member of already, I will contact you to do the trade. When you join one or more of these opportunities under me, let me know the user name you joined under and I will then join your opportunity and give you my user name for verification.

This will be a win, win for both parties. Not only will we have another referral, but also another opportunity to make money from.

Here’s the list of opportunities I want referrals for. They are all easy to do and free to join, some even pay you to join.

Media Dollarz: Been paid 3 times from here. There is no minimum pay out amount. You can withdraw whatever you have in your account directly into your PayPal account and it’s usually there the same day or the next day. HERE’s my proof of payment.

Hits4Pay: They pay you $10 just to join and 2 cents per email you read, 1 cent for what your referral reads and 1 cent for what their referrals read. They just sent me my first pay out check and I’m awaiting its arrival.

Clix Sense: I'm nearing payout here. They pay you to click ads and view them for 30 seconds. I've seen clicks here as high as 5 cents.

MyLot: I’ve been paid once from here. You are paid to start or reply to discussions. Very easy money. HERE’s my proof of payment.

PayPerPost: If you are a blogger and your blog is 3 months old or more, you should join here and get paid for blogging. PayPerPost will pay you to do posts about their advertisers. I’ve been paid once so far from here with more coming this week. HERE’s my proof of payment.

These next few I have just joined recently.

Snap Dollars: Pays you $5 for joining and as much as 5 cents per email you read. You also get paid to try offers and for joining survey sites.

Inbox Dollars: Pays you $10 for joining and 2 cents per email you read. You also get paid to try offers and you can take a $1 survey each day. That’s at least $7 each week from here.

Auction Ads: This is like Google Adsense for auctions. You put their code on your site and they display relevant auction ads. You can see mine at the top of this page. They pay $5 to join and payout is $10.

That’s the list of opportunities I what to trade referrals for. You can also become a referral for any of the opportunities you see in my updates. The ones above are just the ones I want more referrals for. So lets trade.

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freetoall said...

Hi Mike,

I got to your site thru mylot, my user name in mylot is free2all.

Anyway, just to inform you to be cautious about "Snap Dollars", you can read the article @
(Am not the owner of this blog site, wish I were. Nor am I in any forms of affiliation.)

Also, I find that this blog "doshdosh" is also a great place to learn more about making money online. Very informative reviews.

Hope this helps & happy earning online.

mylot user name: free2all

Michael Bridges said...

Thanks free2all for the warning, I will read the post on doshdosh. I know doshdosh is a very informative blog, I've been there a time or two.

S said...

I may be interested in referral trading. Email me at

Michael Bridges said...

Hi S, I will email you about the referral trade.

Baron Smith said...

Hi Mike, Now I Understand about your referral trade programs. So If you have read my blog you will know what kind of opportunities that I'm offering. I also will check out your opportunities.

Baron Smith

Michael Bridges said...

Hi Baron, I will check out your programs and get back to you.

Emily said...

I'm interested in Trading Referrals... with ANYONE interested.

E-mail Me:

Michael Bridges said...

Hi emily,
I am interested in trading referralsI will see what you have.