Wednesday, August 1, 2007

SuperBad Rave

If you like to laugh, there’s a movie coming out August 17th that I think is going to be funny as hell. It’s made by the guys who made “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up” and Talladega Nights, the movie is called Superbad.

It’s about three nerds, Seth, Evan and Fogell who are life long friends, but are about to split up because they’ve gotten into separate colleges. They are about to go to their last party as high school students and they are on a quest to get some.

Seth seems to be the outrageous one that says whatever’s on his mind using foul language at times to express himself. Seth is also the one that comes up with the idea that the trio can get some girls in the sack at the party. Fogell is the nerdiest of the three, but seems to think he is super cool. And then there’s Evan who seems to be the smartest and most laid back, but seems to always be pulled into crazy situations by Seth.

You can see clips from the movie and an uncut trailer all day today on YouTube and I’m telling you these things are laugh out loud funny. Check out the Superbad, YouTube homepage takeover, which is only happening today.

You can see exclusive restricted clips at SuperbadClips.Com. You can also get ringtones, wallpapers and buddy icons at the official Superbad website.

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