Monday, August 13, 2007

101 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Rave Pt 1

Okay, I don’t know if there’s 101 ways to make money from your blog, but it does make a good title for a post. I will be giving as many ways as I can think of to make money from your blog. This will be a weekly series of posts.

I know there’s been blogs that have given this information before, but they usually give it to you as a list of things to do. Since this will be a weekly series, I will be giving indebt information.

Making Money With Ad Services

This is probably the most well know and used way to make money from your blog. Services like Google Adsense, which almost everybody uses, lets you put their ads on your blog and when someone clicks one of those ads you are paid a percentage of what the advertiser paid Google for the ad.

Now, although Google Adsense is the biggest and most widely used ad service, there are other ad services out there that are not as strict as Google and have a lower payout amount. These other services may not have as many advertisers as Google, but they can service most blogs and websites with relevant ads.

Some of the other ad services you might want to think about using are;
1. Yahoo Publisher: I don’t know much about this one only that it is an ad service.
2. BidVertiser: I am a member of this one, but have not used it yet, I’m looking for a good place to use it. I do see this one used on a lot of sites and I think is the best alternative to Google Adsense. They have a low $10 payout amount.
3. RevenuePilot: I am a member here and I use this on my SureCashNow site. They have a low $25 payout amount, however I have set mine at $50 (stupid me).
4. Oxado: I’m also a member here, but haven’t used it much. I did use it on my art sites at one time, but the ads weren’t always relevant to the sites, so I stopped using it. It may be good for other sites though. They are based in Europe and pays out 100 euros (I have no idea what that is in US dollars) and for US residents they pay through

When compared to the $100 payout amount you have with Google Adsense you can see that some of these other ad services might be good alternatives.

You also want to think about placement and blending of the ads. Most experts say blend the ads into the site so that they look like part of the content. Some say make the ads stand out so people can notice them. I don’t know which is best I just like blending my ads onto the site.

As far as placement, I think putting right in the way of the viewer is best. They can’t help but see something that might interest them if it’s in their way. For Blogspot users, Gedet over at Gedet Basumatary wrote a step by step post on how to put Google ads at the start of every post. Be sure to Check it out. That’s all for now, stay tuned for next weeks post.

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