Friday, August 3, 2007

My Technorati Favorites Chain Update #1

This is first chain update and we’re starting off pretty slow. There’s only one addition so far. We’ll see how it goes for a couple of weeks. If there is no improvement I will discontinue the chain.

Start Copy Here

Here are the rules:
1. Favorite the blogs you see below.
2. Copy from where it says “Start Copy Here” and stop where it says “End Copy Here” (I know that’s obvious) and paste it in a post on your blog.
3. Add your blog’s name and your Technorati Favorite link next to it like you see below.
4. Once you have done numbers 1 thru 3, leave me comment telling me so and a link to your post. I will then fave your blog and add your link to my chain which will appear on the front page each week.
The Blogs

Mike’s Money Making Rants & Raves ** Fave This Blog

That Says It All ** Fave This Blog

The Coffee House** Fave this Blog

End Copy Here

Two of the blogs on the chain are mine. They are, “Mike’s Money Making Rants & Raves” and “That Says It All”. You can fave one or both. If you fave both let me know and if you have another blog you would like faved, I will fave it also. Here’s wishing us all higher Technorati rankings.

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Twigz said...

Hey I faved all the blogs here...i will soon add a post to my blog i just gotta play cards with my Rmber if you can do both blogs techie and moneyx4...thx (all on mylot response)

Anonymous said...

Hey mike, i don't know whether you know i have actually a great technorati avatar list going on, and its gonna be huge, you may want to join in an i have added you in my technorati.

Michael Bridges said...

twigs and etienne, thanks for the fav I will fav you both and add you to next weeks update.