Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Million Dollar Adsense Check Rave

No, I didn’t get a million dollar Adsense. I was looking around on the web yesterday and came across this video on Markus Frind. Markus runs a free online dating site called Plenty Of Fish. Markus has not only built an online dating empire, but a Google Adsense empire as well.

Markus makes thousands of dollars a month from Google Adsense ads and has at least received one million dollar check. Check out the video below and see how a guy who runs a very successful business from his home made a million dollars from Adsense.

Here is an ordinary guy with no special skills who had an idea and is now making millions using Google Adsense. This is very inspiring to me. If he can do it you can do it. I’m going out to try and get my million dollar check now. How about you?

I also want to mention that Jesse The Cat over at Jesse Blogs It All has done a wonderful interview with me. You can read the interview Here. Read what I had to say about Jesse at my blog That Says It All.

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Geniusideas said...

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Michael Bridges said...

Hi Geniusideas, the link you left to your blog is bad. I keep getting an error message.

Geniusideas said...

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I add yours already..tq

Michael Bridges said...

Geniusideas, thanks for the add, I have added you also.