Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hits4Pay Referral Rave Re-Visited

I did a post a few months back about my referrals from Hits4Pay. Back then I only had 2 referrals. Well, now I have 12. I know that’s not a lot and some of them aren’t even doing anything. But there are those that are doing what referrals are supposed to do and that is making them and me money.

I don’t understand the ones that aren’t doing anything. Hits4Pay is a very simple program to follow. They send you an email, you click a link in that email which sends you their site where you click a link, wait 30 seconds and you have earned two cents. Two cents for reading a 30 second ad is pretty good in the paid to read industry and you get half of your referral’s pay.

All in all as paid to read programs Hits4Pay is damn good. Give it a tryfor yourself.

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