Monday, August 20, 2007 Rave

I know most of you out there want to make money online, but for those of you who also want to make money offline with your own business, here is a company that can help you and do it very affordably. helps thousands of entrepreneurs each year start their own business. They help with all the paperwork that might be complicated to people just starting a business and they help set up your corporation or LLC in any state without charging high fees. is based in Las Vegas and just opened a new branch in Memphis, TN, but they can help incorporate in any of the 50 states. Currently their most popular is their Nevada corporations. Other very popular states include Arizona, Texas and Florida. can also provide a space to start your business. They have a program for virtual offices and executive suites. You can their office with free phones and internet and you can use their conference room all starting at $45 a month. This is great for start ups. You don’t have to meet your clients at Starbucks, you can meet them in a Professional Office.

If you’re thinking about starting your own offline business why don’t you look and see what can do for you.

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