Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PPP Referral Payment Rave

I mentioned in my Weekly Money Update about getting my first referral payment from PayPerPost. The thing about it is I have 8 referrals not counting the one I was paid for and one of the 8, I just got Monday.

The thing about PayPerPost referrals is you don’t get paid for until 30 days after their first approved post. I have a referral that goes back to June 5th. I have $90 pending in referral money, but I don’t add that to my update because I don’t when or even if I’ll get it. It all depends on my referrals getting an approved post.

Right now I’m just happy with the referral payment I got and I hope to get more referrals. So if you want to make some money just for doing short reviews on your blog and help me make some money to, signup for PayPerPost. There’s a signup form at the bottom of my sidebar, or you can click the “Get Paid To Review My Post” button at the end of this post, or click any of the PayPerPost links in this post.

Some things to keep in mind is, your blog has to be at least 90 days and you must have at least 20 posts. If you have that your good to go. Below is my proof of payment.

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